Author Guidelines

Guidelines for Writing a Budget Journal: State Financial Issues and Problems

General Guidelines
1. Manuscripts accepted by the Jurnal Budget: Isu dan Masalah Keuangan Negara are research articles and/or empirical studies and/or empirical literature studies relating to the economy, budget, and state finance as well as fiscal policy in Indonesia.

2. Manuscripts accepted by the Jurnal Budget are original scientific works that have never been published in whole or in part in other journals, scientific conference proceedings, books, mass media, or other media, both print and electronic, and lecture materials in seminars or lectures.

3. Manuscripts accepted by the Jurnal Budget are manuscripts that are relevant to the focus and scope of the journal, have novelty value and scientific significance, and have primary references or peer-reviewed journals of at least 80% of all reference literature. Reference references are also publications from the last 10 years, which constitute at least 80% of all reference references.

4. The Jurnal Budget accepts manuscripts in both Indonesian and/or English that are well-written and accurate.

5. Manuscripts written using the Jurnal Budget's template, which is available for download on the OJS page for the Jurnal Budget at, are those that the Jurnal Budget accepts.

6. Authors send their manuscripts online via OJS Jurnal Budget by logging in or registering an account on that page. Article submissions outside the system will not be processed.

7. Authors are advised to use reference management applications such as Mendeley or other applications that help manage references using the American Psychological Association (APA) style format.

8. The Jurnal Budget will use Turnitin to check accepted manuscripts for plagiarism, with a tolerance limit of 30%. If the plagiarism test results exceed this limit, the manuscript will be returned to the author.

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